Semax 0,1%, nasal drops 3ml


Semax 0,1% nasal drops 3ml in bottle

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Semax English Instruction

Based on one of the endogenous neuropeptides regulating the functions of the central nervous system, Semax is a nonaddictive nootrop of prolonged action capable of stimulating memory and attention. It is characterized by wide spectrum of prolonged action, and the absence of hormonal activity and side effects. Therapeutic action of Semax after single application starts within 1 hour and lasts as long as 24 to 48 hours. Its effective doses (15-50 (g/kg) are roughly 1000 times smaller than those of widely known nootropil (pyracetame).
Semax stimulates predominantly the functions of the anterior cerebrum. It positively affects the processes underlying perception, analysis of information, training and memory. Semax markedly improves the adaptation of the human organism to stress (hypoxia, cerebral ischemia, etc.). It facilitates recovery of mnestical functions after anesthesia. Semax supports high levels of attention, stimulates memory and facilitates accelerated recovery of intellectual and physical potential. Semax supports active attention and ability to work in conditions of nervous and psychic fatigue like strenuous operator activity. It also accelerates adaptation of the cardiovascular system to increased physical workload. Semax can be used for treatment of intellectual and mnestical disorders, of cerebral vascular diseases, for rehabilitation after craniocerebral traumas, treatment or prevention of post-anesthesia effects as well as for treatment of asthenoneurotic disorders of various geneses including ionizing radiation. Healthy people may take Semax to stimulate their memory and capacity for work, as well as improvement of the mood and neutralization of stress effects.
Semax was tested on operators of the Perm Power Station, and mine rescue workers at the Coal Basin of the Moscow Region (Russia). The results suggest Semax to be potentially used among the following groups of people: operators of atomic and electric power stations, civil and military air traffic controllers, PC users, buisenessmen and officials during negotiations requiring high concentration of attention and memory, drivers and sportsmen.

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