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Telegram chat

started telegram chat – you can ask any question about medication from Russia make order for any meds not listed on drugstoreru


Dear friends, PHENOTROPIL available now after few year. You can write to me directly through telegram –

If you need another

If you need a medicine that is not listed on our website, please feel free to write to with your request and we will respond to it the same day


Sorry, but we temporary blocked for shipping Ireland via regular mail. Express shipping to Ireland without any changes.

Amazon and other marketplaces

Starting from August 17, Amazon began removing listings with medicines that were sold there for several years.Therefore, we are throwing new efforts at the development of this site and are confident that we will cope with all the inconveniences

Packages to Germany

Many packages to Germany were stopped by German customs. In this time we can ship it to Germany, but not guarantee that it will be delivery.