Men's Health

Men's Health

Men like women have different kind of illnesses that are related to the differences in body structure. Also some diseases that can be found in men and women tend to develop faster in one of the sexes.

Groups of diseases that are only found in men are the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction (neurological problems or organic disorders, impotence)
  • Disease of the prostate (hyperplasia or hypoplasia of the prostate)
  • Endocrine related dysfunction in men
  • Testicle disease (varicocele, cancer, orchitis and others)
  • Penis disease (cancer, erectile pain, priapism, genital herpes and others)

Some illnesses are treatable and some are not. One of the main problems that nearly 75% of men suffer from is erectile dysfunction. The condition can be treated with medicine and with surgery depending on the cause of the dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is an inability to achieve erection for sexual intercourse or a tendency to have a brief erection. In USA nearly 15 to 30 millions americans suffer from that dysfunction. With age the cause for erectile dysfunction can be physical or organic injury, disease, or a drug side-effect.

The condition is treatable through different ways of approach:

  • psychotherapy
  • medicine
  • vacuum devices
  • surgery
  • lifestyle change